Development -- documentation and marketing


(Examples of documentation products)

We prepare documentation for an established group of group of clients (and new ones). They vary: large and small; start-ups and long established; some at the bleeding edge of technical stuff, others well back in the comfort zone; some entirely online, and others largely committed to paper, some in the heart of computing, others far from it.

No matter how clients differ, they all need the same writing talent. They all need writers who can learn applications or systems quickly and maintain the perspective of the user or the client for whom they write. Many of our projects are proprietary. Samples and extracts are available by arrangement.


We research and write a variety of marketing communications products, including brochures and specification sheets. Our specialty is customer application stories.

Over ten years we have photographed and interviewed customers of our clients on-site in 40 states, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. These resulting stories (some of them award-winning) provide testimonials in the client voice for our customers. These stories have demonstrated remarkable longevity and powerful sales leverage. Examples and extracts are available by arrangement.