The tool

Author-it is a program of unique power, range, and flexibility--a content management system. In the base program, content is designed, written, and managed, then combined in a range of books, which in turn can be published to different print, help, and web formats.

Several primary features distinguish Author-it:

  • All materials are stored as data objects in a relational database, or library.
  • From simple Jet to SQL Server: libraries scale to meet need.
  • Objects include text, links, images, styles, books, object templates, and more.
  • Multiple books can be published from a library to multiple output formats.
  • Modules (localization, Extend, Assist) extend the power and functions.

In Author-it, management functions are built-in. The data structure integrates management of content, versions, permissions, release state, template controls, and more with relative ease.

The training and consulting

Good training is essential to good use of this program. We specialize in custom training, built around pilot projects using your materials and requirements, to meet your needs, open your worlds.

Combine training with consulting, and we work with you to implement SQL libraries, develop custom import profiles, output templates--using custom documentation modules, created for your team.

We'll help you learn the program, leave you with what you need—workflow, prototypes, examples, and resources.

Call or email to explore your options for on-site comprehensive analysis, development, training, and more.