Clients... (a selected list)

Attachmate Corporation

AVCO-Everett Labs


Bear Stearns

CoreStates Bank

Coopers & Lybrand

Digital Equipment Corporation

Dunn and Bradstreet

Ferrofluidics Corporation


Itek Composition Systems

Keyfile Corporation

Lucent Technologies



New York Life

Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe

Northest Utilities




PJ Currier Lumber Co

State Farm Insurance

Symantec Corporation

United Parcel Service>

US Robotics/3Com

Wang Laboratories

World Bank/IMF



...and Kudos

The kind words included below are those we value most: they testify to listening, understanding, and competence over time--the qualities we search out when we look for people to help out on large projects.

"Mr. Locke was excellent--very patient, willing to listen, to take detours with us as we tried to figure out what we have and what we need to have." --software company, senior writer

"I've sat through a lot of courses. This is one of the best technical training courses I've ever had." --computer company, documentation manager

"The two manuals and the online documentation met our needs. More important, they're meeting what our customers need." --utility service company representative

"The help system is first-rate--simple and effective. It gives our customers what they need, in a way they can get to it easily." --hardware products specialty company, vice-president

"Instructor was articulate. His command of the subject is impressive and his ability to explain it simply was effective." --services company, documentation manager

"The time you spent with us was extremely valuable. You helped us listen to ourselves, to learn our resources and chart a course." --consumer retailer, documentation manager

"You handled the class size and diversity with grace. Best of all, I know I can go to my office Monday morning and start designing a help system." --database company, writer

"Probably the best workbook I've seen in a training class like this. Examples are complete, explanations thorough. I will actually use this book again." --software company, services and support manager