Adobe RoboHelp®

Adobe released version 8 of RoboHelp in early 2009.

This major release continues and confirms Adobe's commitment to RoboHelp--as an independent tool, and a major component of the Technical Communications Suite.

Among the most important recent additions to RoboHelp:

  • breadcrumbs/mini TOC
  • easier merged projects implementation
  • varikables and variable sets
  • linking MS Word source materials
  • Snippets for reusable content
  • multiple TOCs, Indexes, Glossaries
  • Word Import Filter improved (again)
  • Captivate integration
  • improved RoboHelp Server Publishing
  • Adobe AIR integration
  • a new tool improved: RoboScreen Capture

Call for help!

We've been training and consulting on RoboHelp since the very beginning--thousands of users, over the years.

WordSmith, LLC offers on-site and arranged public training in RoboHelp, using our own curriculum in standard format, or in modules customized to meet your needs.

Our curriculum has several advantages, depending on your needs:

  • Dual focus--on the tool and on best practice application and examples
  • Based on our years of experience with RoboHelp, from version 1
  • Includes the glitches and warts--and work-arounds.
  • Can be customized to meet your skill levels and project needs

It's loaded with all the features that distinguish good training. We pay attention to best practice. We look hard at the tool's soft places and bugs, and offer ways to cope.

This three-day course covers it all. We can customize, extend; integrate with consulting, with other training.

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