Adobe® Captivate®


The tool

Adobe Captivate is a software tool that allows users to build Flash-based movies of on-screen activity.

Depending on the extent of viewer interaction, Captivate movies can demonstrate functions or products, or they can simulate software for e-learning, training, and testing.

Using Captivate you can—

  • capture on-screen activity
  • add and edit captions, images, graphics
  • add and edit click boxes, text entry boxes, active buttons, rollovers
  • add and edit focus items, like zoom and fill
  • add and edit quizzing and conditional branching
  • adjust timing with a visual timeline
  • add and edit audio
  • publish in several different formats

Our Training

We train for several Adobe certified training companies.

We also do our own training--on your site, with our own curriculum. Our training materials are (modestly, he said) probably the best available in terms of structure, content, approach.

  • We can customize—mix training and consulting over several days.
  • We spend a fair amount of time on "best practice."
  • We include real-world examples for guidance and editing.
  • We include all the tool's functions and procedures—and bugs and workarounds.
  • We can customize our training to meet your needs.

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