Former projects

Most products are proprietary and protected, but some samples are available. The project list is selected from those completed or initiated within the past three years.

1. Document set (reference, user); online help system; electronic press releases

A digital signal processing (DSP) board and accompanying customized software. A complex project, since DSP chips function as modem, fax, sound system, telephone system, more. Designed electronic press release for PC trade press.

2. Online reference system

For a Fortune 100 company, online help for in-house financial management decision system. Large (c. 2100 topics) system required simple design, solid structure to track links and ease maintenance. Built extensive conversion macros to import data fields from Lotus Notes, generate help source files.

3. Online help and online reference system

For an international agency, designed, consulted in development, and shared production of system that combined online help for complex financial system and access to HTML-based reference and training materials.

4. Online reference system - safety requirements/procedures manual. c.550 topics

Consulting for system design, instruction in hypertext and help system development, and product development. The product (the online reference system) served as a case study and object lesson for consulting and class use.

5. Online help system - advanced sales system, software branch of national corporation

The help system assumed special significance when managers suddenly discontinued hardcopy user documents. Customers for this product include a half dozen Fortune 100 companies. For two of them customized versions of the system (and of the help system) were produced.

6. Document set (user, reference) and online help system

Similar to (3) above, but for unique in-house sales contact, product, and forecast management system. Worked with development staff to implement context-sensitive help system within a proprietary scripting program that emulates Microsoft Windows.

7. Manual and online reference system

A software startup with an innovative product (custom toolbar builder) without precedent. Because the product broke new ground, help system was complex (many context-sensitive linked examples) yet had to maintain simple appearance, be easy to use, and avoid intimidating behaviors.

8. Document set (partial) and online help systems

For a document imaging and management product. This help system involved extensive custom coding to meet exacting technical online design specifications. Primary emphasis on the online system, using hardcopy documents as backup reference materials.