Flare - Madcap® Software

The tool

From the ashes of eHelp Corporation's management structure and RoboHelp® management crew, Madcap Software rose, phoenix-like, to build Flare, the RoboHelp replacement. (Click their logo at the right to visit Madcap for more details.)

Flare was released in March, 2006. Version 2 is planned for release in September, 2006.

The XML-based tool sports RoboHelp project import (duh), loads of other imports, wysiwyg editing, multiple output formats. Although the interface differs substantially from RH (dockable windows, for example) the new tool includes most of the features of "the other tool," like conditional text and browse sequences. Better yet, Flare implements most of those features in a more sensible fashion than did its predecessor.

The training

Training is available now. Call WordSmith to explore your options for on-site customized delivery.

We've been involved in the evolution of this tool from initial design stage through beta rounds. We taught the first commercial training class. We're booking  training dates and consulting now.


Want to get off the ground fast, or hit the ground running? (Pick your metaphor).

Combine training with consulting and development. We'll help you learn how to use the tool, leave you with what you need—workflow, prototype, examples, and resources.