Class workbooks

Why do this?

These are serious workbooks. The RoboHelp book is around 400 pages. For its two-day class, Captivate is proportional.

Why take the time? Why spend weeks writing and re-writing, revising screen shots, testing procedures?

Because I teach these classes. When I stand in front of a class and people open a book for two or three days of work with me, I need to be certain they've got the best curriculum material available.

Good curriculum: it's all about best practice

As the ad says: it's easy to make a movie with Captivate. Or a help system with RoboHelp.

But how to make a good movie, one that integrates with a larger learning environment? Or a help system of the same caliber?

That's where a good class stands out: content, exercises, and discussion help you discover the tool and its functions in the context of best practice use.

Have some fun while you're at it—meet Force5

Technical writing can be less than exciting. Our class content lightens the load.

For the RoboHelp curriculum, we developed a complete company—ForceFive Technologies, LLC. Or Force5, for short. Screen shots, control panels, legal disclaimers—the works.
(Here: a topic describes an experimental craft.)

Force5 owns the Graviton® engine, which powers an entire line of anti-gravity (so-called) lift and transport vehicles, from the SoloPak to the MilSpec.

Building a help system and a beginner's handbook for a backpack that can rise at breathtaking speeds and float like a feather makes writing, even tech writing, just a bit easier.