Distal mass

13 June—Tuesday

Today, a second, follow-up EGD (upper endoscopy; or to trip over: Esophagogastroduodenoscopy). Prep and people familiar from the first exploration a month or so ago.

But there the familiarity stopped. Anesthesia was propofol—so I was awake and alert soon after. Alert enough to recognize Kaczanowski’s face was not the easy smile of the earlier session. I don’t think he used the word “cancer.” He said, in effect, this is serious. We’ll be referring you to Mass General. It’ll be a long process.

The two-page report makes fascinating reading, pictures and all. Looks like an entirely different esophagus from the one pictured in the May report. For a scattered moment I wondered if maybe there’d been a mix-up—that this wasn’t my esophagus. But no.

The words in the report are different from the earlier one, too: this time the reflexed view revealed “distal esophageal mass”. And the recommendations include: “Will refer to Onc surgery at MGH.”

So. Onc = oncology = cancer. Biopsies taken, but I have the feeling they’re more for confirmation.

Problem at home: Last day of school for Char is in two days—15 June, Thursday. She’s got a heady, heavy class load for at least two days. She gets through the door and heads to her desk, works until I call supper, then it’s back to work after supper — and so on. It’s been a rough end of semester for her.

I think I sit on the EGD results until, maybe, Friday. Nothing’s going to change them much, anyway, in the meantime.

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