WordSmith does information


David Locke has not retired. Instead, he's finally writing for himself rather than for other people. Eventually he may get around to revising some of this now-historical content.

WordSmith, LLC is a leading provider of documentation and associated e-learning services—consulting, training, and development.

We work with clients to help them develop sensible and effective documentation and learning architectures and strategies. We train people to design and build effective online information systems, using AuthorIT®, RoboHelp®,
Captivate®, Flare, and other tools.

Since 1985, we have worked with a broad range of clients--insurance to lumber, software to banking, pharmaceuticals and more.

Single source, re-use, re-purpose, InfoROI—

By whatever name, we aim to help you minimize costs, streamline workflows, reduce maintenance—to maximize your use of information.

For example, some of the information in a help system can also be used, in a different format and structure, to provide materials for training, for marketing, for white papers, and more.

Information is a capital resource. Creating and managing it require investment.

We help you maximize return.

We produce, and help our clients learn to produce:

  • Help systems
  • Reference materials
  • Policies and procedures
  • Marketing and sales training
  • Information online (& some on paper)
    for most any audience

We do, and we can help you do:

  • information—analyze yours, map a strategy
    for single-sourcing—multiple uses and sensible maintenance
  • authoring tools—choose and learn to use
    the tool that matches all your needs
  • development—we'll do it, or get you started
    with a prototype and a workflow